nurse_child_bear_sm.jpgIn another study about antibiotic effectiveness, the analysis by the Dutch researchers is that the use of antibiotics for the treatment of inner ear in children is not effective in reducing fluid build up or effusion in the middle and inner ear. They recommend that the use of antibiotics as a method of reducing the associated fluid build up during these infections.

Read the article here.

Opponents of this report don’t dispute the dangers of overuse of antibiotics but point out that in cases of Otitis Media, these patients are getting their antibiotics not to reduce effusion but to reduce the infection causing the inflammation and pain, something this meta analysis did not look at.

Alternatives may need to focus on pain reduction rather than treatment of infection if indeed the presentation of fluid build up behind the ear drum is happening regardless of treatment and resolves on its own. Look for more articles on this study and further trials to look into the effectiveness of antibiotic treatment for this and other common infections in the future.

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