Somebody get me the can of worms so I can open it.  I found this article based on research that points at cardiac medication non-compliance following myocardial infarctions and patient mortality.  The authors of the study conclude that one way to increase compliance is to provide the 4 most commonly prescribed cardiac meds to patients for free following their cardiac event.

These meds include: Aspirin, ACE inhibitors, Beta Blockers, and Statins.  While the cost of these medications is not the only reason for patient non-compliance, it is certainly a factor here in the U.S.  The removal of the Medicare copay would improve patient outcome and quality of life for some of these patients if it encouraged them to buy their prescribed medications.

The study out of Harvard University, looks at a theoretical basis for its findings and the authors point out that while their findings appear significant and make medical sense, there should be actual trials set up where some patients randomly get their meds for free and others remain under the current system.  Who would be more compliant with their meds?

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