digital_globe_sm.jpgThe World Health Organization has released data from a recent study that points to an alarming increase in the rates of multi-drug resistant forms of tuberculosis (MDR-TB). The study looked at TB reports from 81 different countries from 2002-2006. They found MDR-TB reported in 57 of those countries.

The report also found a possible link between HIV positive patients and higher rates of MDR-TB. This finding refers to studies of HIV patients in the Ukraine and Latvia. Overall, the WHO study states that 5% of the 9 million reported cases of tuberculosis worldwide are of the multi drug resistant variety.

The fear discussed in this article is that unless a major assault on MDR-TB is not coordinated by world health leaders, this disease may eclipse HIV as the major infectious disease of the world. Find out what the situation is in your region. Know what the status of recent TB and MDR-TB reports are for your community.

In the U.S. check out the Centers for Disease Control site on TB for more info.

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