elderly-man_sm.jpgOver at this week’s MedicCast podcast for EMS providers, we take a look as some of the special considerations in the treatment of geriatric patients. First, a look at geriatric trauma considerations and why special care is needed to ensure that the elderly trauma patient is taken to the most appropriate facility just like younger patients. A recent study by the State of Maryland found that geriatric trauma patients were not being taken to trauma centers as much as younger patients with similar injuries.

The show also includes a look at polypharmacy and how it affects the geriatric population. Polypharmacy is the presence of at least 5 to 7 prescribed medications for a patient.  Each additional med increases the risk for adverse drug interactions, compounded side effects and endangers the patient.  Encourage patients to review their medications at least annually with their physicians.

Any person may experience problems with polypharmacy, but an elderly person will have more issues due to decreased metabolism, reduced renal and hepatic function, and slowed GI clearance and absorption.

Visit the MedicCast Episode show notes pages here.

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