lexi-banner.gifThe Nursing Show, the number one nursing and nursing student podcast, is proud to announce a new sponsorship agreement with Lexi-Comp and their innovative suite of electronic nursing tools. Lexi-Comp is the perfect partnership for us here at the Nursing Show.

As innovators in the marketplace, Lexi-Comp’s Nursing Suite offers a unique package of frequently updated drug and patient care information.  Available for PDAs, smart phones, and via wireless interfaces, the Lexi-Comp suite for nurses and nursing students offers a wide array valuable services to subscribers.

We have been using these nursing tools for almost 6 months and have been very pleased with the quality, thoroughness, and innovative nature of the products. We also found the Lexi-Comp PDA connection and sync tools to be much easier and smoother to use with our palm devices than other nursing suites we have used in the past. This exciting partnership will provide an opportunity for the Nursing Show listeners to find out more about Lexi-Comp’s line of products and where they can go to listen to special listener-only expert advice from Lexi-Comp’s professionals.

Plus, visitors who visit via the Lexi.com/NursingShow link will be able to use a coupon for 10% of their purchase!

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