nurse_eye_magnifying.jpgThe challenge of urinary incontinence is one that plagues many people, most of them women who often limit their activities due to the problem.  However, according to this article at Medical News Today, limiting activities may be the wrong choice.

Reporting on a recent study released in the October 2008 issue of the journal Urologic Nursing, the authors say that limiting mobility due to urinary incontinence leads to a host of other health problems and doesn’t reduce the level of incontinence.  As many nurses already know, immobility leads to issues with the cardio-vascular system, diabetes, obesity, and overall health.

The study showed that increasing activity actually helped to reduce the level of urinary incontinence.  They recommend that those suffering from urinary incontinence contact a health professional, like a nurse specializing in urologic health for assistance and specialized nursing interventions to assist them with improving their urinary control.

Among these interventions is the performance of regular Kegel excercises which isolate the muscles of the pelvic floor and strengthens them allowing for more control over urinary urgency and leaking.

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