In his recent post of Grand Rounds, the author of the “Musings of a Distractible Mind” blog posted some interesting links to some advice for the recent winner of the U.S. presidential election.

I think his points are right on the money and along the way, you can check out his links to other bloggers that are included in his advice.  A great way to do Grand Rounds, Sir!

I tip my cap to you!

I wonder what the rest of you think?  I happen to believe that the system is going to have to completely fail (yes, worse than it is now!) before the nation is willing to accept the pain of widespread change.  Third party billing is breaking the country from the inside, but:

  • The well-off don’t want to give up the access to health care they now have
  • The insurance companies would rather bankrupt the nation than fail to turn a profit
  • The healthcare work force can’t agree or mobilize to offer their own plan of choice
  • The pharmaceutical giants won’t give up their stranglehold on obscene profits
  • And, Joe public simply believes anything he is told that triggers a fear response

Stay tuned here and over at the Nursing Show blog for a rant on why we deserve what we get!  In the meantime, I hope Obama can enact some kind of meaningful change.  I really do!  I just don’t think he will get far past the phat cats and entrenched political influence the healthcare business industry has in Washington.

Find out more and say your piece at the White House transition site – Change.Gov

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One Response to On Healthcare Reform and Little Hope for Change

  1. Gerald C. says:

    The Center for Health Transformation offers real solutions and they save money. We need to fix health care not only to save lives, but to save money! There are real solutions. The health insurance companies and pharmacutical companies better get on board. If the economy is supposed to be as bad as they say, now is the time to get the people who had those great jobs with great health benefits. Once they are gone, they are going to have to earn them and not want to lose tham once they have. Give them medical savings accounts so thay will not be afraid of losing coverage if they change or lose their job!

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