A recent article on drug company Wyeth and their use of ghost writers to produce favorable journal articles has me asking the question about where we find credible information.

Nursing Care Information

I have routinely turned to journal articles to research information for segments on the Nursing Show.  I try to use these articles to support information on best practices that I pass on to you on the podcast.  Many nursing students and educators recommend the Nursing Show podcast to their friends and colleagues.

If journal articles are being written as promotional pieces for a company’s products or research, where can medical professionals turn for unbiased information on medical care and best practices?

Nurses and Research

I received an outreach last week from a nursing researcher who wants to make sure that the Nursing Show features high quality nursing research and promotes information on patient care for the RNs, LPNs, student nurses and educators who listen to the podcast and read this blog.  I have accepted that support and reach out to the rest of you to include your links, resources for practice guidelines, and nursing research here at the Nursing Show.

Join the community here and contribute your input to make this a good resource for nursing care and the nursing profession.  Visit and comment on the articles here by clicking on the comments link at the bottom of each entry.  Email me with your input at comments@nursingshow.com.

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