Pocket Informatics Tools for Nurses

I’ve been a fan of PDA based drug guides for a long time. Many of you have been following this blog and the Nursing Show know that I love to have access to tools without having to carry around a ton of books, login on a computer screen or any of the other major hassles we often encounter while trying to look up meds, compatibilities, and more.

Lexi-Comp has offered an impressive array of excellent drug guides and other medical reference materials on their PDA (palm and windows mobile) products for a while and they have become my favorite pocket tool for quick reference.

Well now they have gotten even better and allow me a very robust, searchable tool for getting medication, interaction, and dosing administration information in seconds! The are now offering a series of iPhone/iPod Touch applications for nurses, students, and other medical professionals that are quite frankly the most easy to use and intuitive medical applications I’ve used.

Best Tools for RNs or Student Nurses and Educators

The products are varied based on your medical profession or nursing specialty as an RN but run from a basic drug and interactions guide all the way up to a complete medical database of drugs, toxicology, clinical assessment, labs and procedures, and more.

Prices for 1 year of access and updates for individual products start at $74.99. This includes individual databases like access to a basic drug guide with interactions. Bundles of products in various fields start at $119.99 and run up to $299.99 for the Lexi Complete suite of products.  All are regularly updated and are far better than a paper based guide which is out of date the moment it is printed.

Follow the iTunes link button below to load up iTunes and check these products out for yourself! I’ll have a full review of the version I picked up and maybe even a video review for Nursing Show TV soon.


Disclosure: Lexi Comp is a former advertiser on the Nursing Show

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