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Woman Dressed As Nurse Tries To Abduct Baby

UC Nurses Threaten to Strike Over Staffing Violations

Nursing Homes Receive Ratings


Tip of the Week– Common Nurses’ HIPAA Myths and Misunderstandings

Some of the most common HIPAA myths can really foul up the efficient patient care process for RNs in a facility if the rules and underlying principles of HIPAA are not well understood by the nurses and other health professionals there.  Many nurses make their lives harder by following HIPAA policies that don’t exist because of misunderstandings of the healthcare worker’s responsibilities.

The most important thing to remember is that, despite what you may have heard, HIPAA is not meant to impede the efficient management of patient care, especially in emergency situations.  HIPAA is not to be used as an excuse to not share patient records and keep treatment history from others in the chain of care, including members of the patient’s own family. If they will be actively involved in assisting the patient when they return home, it is imperative they be included in care plans and discharge instructions.

Use the following links to help you improve your knowledge and your practice as a nurse and save you time and needless worry over HIPAA complaince.  Share your own questions, comments and nursing HIPAA myths via the comments link below.

Highmark Health — Common HIPAA Myths

Health Privacy Site on HIPAA Myths

Federal BC/BS HIPAA Newsletter Downloads


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One Response to Common HIPAA Myths and Episode 61

  1. Sonya says:

    Hey, Jamie, as always, job well done. The information on this eposide was very informational.

    I had an experience with my(at the time) 7 year old daughter; she was complaining with leg pain in her right leg and she walking with a limp. Of course, as a concerned parent I took her straight to the emergency rrom after 24 hours of complaining (maybe less). On that particular Sunday, the ER was jammed-packed with patients, so they had to put us in the hallway along with 6-7 other patients until rooms were available. Even though we were in the hallway, they had something like curtains surrounding each patient for privacy and they doctor actually had to examine my daughter in the hallway because no rooms were available at that time. But they took all information(insurance, problem with patient and etc) in a enclosed waiting room before we were escorted to the hallway.
    I don’t know if this has anything to do with HIPPAA, but I really appreciated the privacy as a patient and parent.

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