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A podcast for Nurses, Nursing Students, and others interested in what it takes to be a Nurse

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Nurses’ Key Role In End-of-Life Planning

‘Zero tolerance policy’ over NHS hand-washing announced

Study Compares New Registered Nurses With Second Degree RNs


Tip of the Week– Interview with Mary Anne Wasner of the Society for Urologic Nurses and Associates (SUNA.org)

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One Response to Urologic Nursing Interview and Episode 65

  1. It is funny that I have been listening to this podcast all this time and now things seem more evident to me.

    Evident because now I know why I like it so much.

    1) I also come from an artistic background. I was a stage hand, roadie, later stage manager and production manager for over 10 years in the live concert industry. That is my original career, the first one.

    2) I also developed an interest in nursing, much like yourself after looking into becoming an EMT trying to find a new course to my life. The thing is I never actually became one, unlike you.

    3) I am a nurse student so God willing, someday I will be a male nurse.

    4) Nursing would be my second higher education degree.

    I agree with your opinion and the originating article for it in regards of second career nurses being a “safer bet” than other kind of prospect or student nurses. However, I see an oxymoron in this.

    Let me explain.

    Second career anythings, already have a career to start. So we already know the sacrifice needed to succeed in college. This is all great. However, at least in my case, after 5 years, you previous credentials for say biology, chemistry, math are no longer valid and you are forced to take all these classes again. If you used the previous learnings in a daily basis for your work, then you are in luck, you will pass your classes with flying colors. If not, then is ground zero all over again. And I don’t disagree with the college forcing us to re take those classes, in fact, I think that my struggles with Chem 1, A&P and such are a great example and proof that it was to long ago the first time I learned it and I need to relearn it.

    The problem number two, and this is more serious. Regularly us, second career seekers, already have a set of financial, family, and even professional responsibilities that set us apart from other kind of students.

    It is not the same to be a barista at Star Bucks and be done when you punch out, than it is to be in charge of a whole department or project, or what have you. Professionals more than not, take the work home.

    There is one reason why we seek the so much coveted second career and this is because we are not so happy anymore with our first choice. But the first choice by which we have acquired whichever lifestyle, slows us down in the pursue of the second career.

    So… to resume this very long opinion (my apologies).

    YES, we second career seekers are a safer bet because we have the experience and proven capacity. We also have no time to loose so if we register for a class, we will give it our all.

    But, the lack of adult friendly classes (after 5:30PM) buts a big break in our quest. I am not alone in this, I was having this precise conversation with a lab mate yesterday where she told me she couldn’t find a single open slot in A&P 1 because there was just one group for after 5PM and the rest were morning classes.

    So as you see… it is a lot more complicated than one could wish for.

    Worth it in the end, since we have this dream of 12 hour shifts of walking up and down, never even seating or taking a lunch break, with complaining patients, useless technicians, cold hospitals, exposure to body fluids and even asthma related to cleaning products (are we crazy or what?).

    No wonder Nursing is a profession of calling and love.

    I can’t wait to be a nurse… yes… as incredible as it sounds.



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