This week I have been focusing on a recent article on the new World Health Organization (WHO) safe surgery initiative and the adoption of the safe surgery checklist that has been released in a recent New England Journal of Medicine article.

Here is a link to the WHO Safe Surgery Initiative site.

It includes a video of the checklist in action and might be a good resource for you if you a nurse involved in a surgical or procedure team in your facility.

This site includes many resources for the implementation of this intiative in your facility. There are links to the study results and journal articles on the checklist, an implementation manual, frequently asked questions, and a getting started checklist.  This site has all of the information a person will need to move forward with this process in their location.

Widespread Impact on Nursing Care

The study on this checklist has results of a recuction of post operative complications of 30%.  The effects of this kind of positive change in patient outcome are widespread in the health care system.

  • Reduces costs for the hospitals, patients, and insurers.
  • Reduces the workload on the nurses on post-op and med-surg units.
  • Reduces disability following surgery
  • Improves patient and family satisfaction with the facility
  • Provides for team approach during surgery improving future patient care

Do you think a program like this would work in your facility?  Leave your comment at the link below.

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