According to an article released by Johns Hopkins University schools of nursing and education, they are seeing an upturn in applications.

Despite the economic downturn, the nursing, health care, and teaching professions are expected to continue to have increased demand in the workforce as most parts of the country deal with shortages in the workforce for those areas.

Hopkins is reporting an 11 percent increase over 2007 applications for nursing students and more than double those numbers for teaching students.  I’ve been reporting here on the Nursing Show that this trend is going to continue as the recession deepens.

Many questions about the increased application numbers persist.

  • Are the people applying for nursing school positions rushing towards the money?
  • Are nursing schools weeding out the people who aren’t looking to be nurses but are looking for a steady paycheck?
  • Is time and money being spent on training people for a profession only to have them leave within a few years because they never really wanted to BE nurses?

Here at the Nursing Show site and on the free weekly podcast, we’ll continue to provide both students and existing nurses the resources they need to learn and stay current on their knowledge and issues.

Stay tuned for more updates very soon from the Nursing Show including a new services just for students!  We want your input on what articles you’d like to see here.

Some of the upcoming article topics include:

  • Study skills and test taking tips for students.
  • Information on nursing career alternatives.
  • Medication and procedure reviews.
  • Nursing research updates.

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2 Responses to Nursing Student Applications Strong

  1. For me it has been an extremely slow process to do the transition from my computer programmer training and career to nursing.

    It is not only the fact that I come from a completely different educational system and had absolutely no guidance on how the American system works, but several personal setbacks like the suicide of my mother, having to take over family issues after that. The chronic disease of my father. Being a father, husband and professional to boot.

    Finding a job which schedule is compatible with school is very hard, once you find one, it rarely lasts more than a year in the last 4 year’s economy. Or at least this has been my case.

    Every year I apply for a student loan, I get a roadblock. The last being that I was not in the selective service even though I am 34, and migrated to America just 10 years ago.

    So, just to do my pre requisites has cost me almost 5 years now. Now I am working on increasing my GPA so that I have a slim chance of getting in the program sometime next year.

    It saddens me that I see classmates who the only thing they can speak of is how much money they will make.

    It saddens me to hear my wife who is a career nurse of more than 10 years tell me of her listening LVNs in the aisles talking about the new Lexus they will buy while they give absolutely no help with the patients and still require from the RNs aide for nearly anything they have to do.

    It troubles me very very deeply to see students who do the class once, twice, three times and by the second time they have all the previous course materials, answered home works and tests.

    Biology labs are a joke many times in some of the campuses. The teacher couldn’t care less for teaching and instead seats in a chair for in case you have questions. The student couldn’t care less about learning, really learning. All they care is about getting that “A” so that they have a chance to being admitted in an increasingly crowded class.

    Last semester, I couldn’t find a single spot for nurse related classes, even with early registration. And those spots that were open are in schedules that are absolutely incompatible with a working adult who still has to pay bills so needs to have that job.

    Seems to me that the only ones who have a chance these days are the kids with parent sponsorship, or the immigrants with all kinds of government aids and grants.

    Me, a working adult, who dreams and has been dreaming of becoming a nurse for well over 7 years has an extremely difficult road. And it is sickening to know that many of the ones who make it to the degree courses do it for the thirst of money, not for the passion of service.

    But… how do you weed them out?

    A test? An essay? A psychology test? A lie detector?

    If you look at my grades and how long it has taken me to even finish the pre requisites, or how many classes I have dropped in the last 4 years for loosing a job, or having to fly to Mexico to care for my father issues for months at time, etc… you would say… This guy doesn’t want it hard enough.

    So what sort of standard could you apply to honestly know who really wants this, who is not just looking for a secure or better paycheck.

    As it stands, I almost make as much as my nurse wife, and I have never had a problem finding new jobs. Is those that have a flexible schedule for school that are hard to find, else. I could sit in this chair until I am in retirement age.

    But I want to be a nurse, I want it more than any other personal goal I have set to myself.

    Anyway, sorry for the long opinion.

    Great show, I listen to it every time it posts in itunes.

    Thanks for the great information and music.


  2. admin says:


    Thanks for the comment on this post. I know it is difficult to weed out the people “just in it for the money.”

    I think that we must maintain professional standards for ourselves. Show that we care for our patients out of duty as much as out of need for a paycheck.

    As for your struggles in getting into a nursing program, you will find that in many programs being a male will work in your favor since in the nursing profession, we count as diversity.

    Keep in touch and let me know how things are going!

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