Med Math

One of the biggest challenges to some nursing students is faced not in the clinical arena but in the simple task of facing regularly presented medication math calculations exams.

These exams are put in place by nursing programs to ensure their students are competent in figuring medication doses for their patients.  Medication errors are a huge problem in the patient safety issues seen by the joint commission and facilities around the nation.

Despite many programs out there teaching how to figure these seemingly complex calculations, there have been none that have developed a systematic approach that works well with the kinesthetic nature of the rest of a student nurse’s learning programs.  When compared to the more complex steps involved in a basic patient assesment, the steps in most drug calculations seem trivial.

Why Fail At Nursing Math?

So why do many nursing students fail to master these skills? Math anxiety may have something to do with it, but certainly another cause for some is that no one has taken the time to show them a better way.

The Medication Math Simplified program created by Nursing Show host, Jamie Davis, the Podmedic puts a simple step by step process for med math calculations into a complete audio-visual tutorial available online or on DVD.  With over an hour of video practice and a complete 25 page e-book with 50 practice questions, the program makes even the most difficult IV drip dose easy to figure.

Try the system out for free, including a free download of the complete first chapter, a look at one of the eleven video segments in the program, and a chance to get the whole program for less than you could believe possible use the special link below.

Nursing Student Med and Drip Math Review

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