Why aren’t teens getting emergency conception prescriptions when they are treated in hospital emergency rooms?  This is the question posed by the study reviewed by this article at MedicalNewsToday.com.

The study comes from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHoP as it’s known around here).  They determined that it may be because of a misunderstanding about this medication.

The study’s authors surveyed emergency physicians who treated pediatric patients and asked whether they had prescribed an emergency contraceptive pill along with questions about their understanding of the drug’s efficacy.  Those physicians who were able to answer more of the questions were also more likely to prescribe an emergency contraceptive.

This points out for any health care worker, nurses and nursing students included, that it is important to read and review medications that might be used in your area of expertise but don’t necessarily get used that often. We all get in the habit of reaching for the treatment or drug that we are most comfortable with when the time comes to treat our patients.  This bad habit robs our patients of the best options for care when that common treatment is not the best option for them.

There are many tools out there to use to keep up to date with your nursing skills and resources.  They include the many excellent nursing journals out there.  Also, many nurses would be well served by carrying a mobile drug and treatment guide around with them.

Our Nursing Show and ProMed Network sponsors, Lexi-Comp is one provider of these excellent tools.  They offer versions for blackberries and Windows Mobile devices but my personal favorite are the great tools offered by the iPhone and iPod touch versions of these medical applications.

You can check out the iPod and iPhone versions at this link to the iTunes store.


You can find out more about Lexi-Comp’s complete line of mobile software by visiting www.Lexi.com/nursingshow and sign up to win an iPod touch and free software while you are there.

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