Kim McAllister’s Emergiblog has this week’s change of shift offering.  Lot’s of great entries over the last two weeks in the Nursing Blog community.

Check out the Change of Shift article here at the Emergiblog

RN Communication Lapses

Included in the articles she has posted links to there is an article on the importance of good communication skills in nursing care.  Check out the article that interviews 5 nurses about lapses in communication and affect on their nursing practice.

Advice for Student Nurses and New RNs

Student nurses and new RNs will be especially interested in an article entitled “Becoming a Nurse – Five Things I Wish I Had Known” which shares the musings of an RN looking back at her first days as a nurse.

Kim’s blog in itself is always a great place to visit on your tours around the web.  She has a long experience in nursing to share and she does a great job keeping in touch with the nursing and health care bloggers around the community.

She is also one of the key organizers of the MedBlogger meetup occuring at the Blogworld and New Media Expo this coming October. I’m looking forward to meeting her in person finally.

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