I found this article on what nursing is and how to become a nurse over at Medical News Today.

It would be an excellent article to send to those interested in nursing.  Share it with prospective nursing students, CNA students, and others you know who are interested in nursing.

Be A Nursing Profession Advocate

Part of any profession is to be an advocate for that profession.  Nursing is no different.  It is important for those nurses who have gone before to share what nursing means to them.

One way to do this is through blogging. There are many excellent nursing and student nurse blogs out there for you to read and share your comments and thoughts.

Nursing Careers Are Everywhere!

Because we are present in so many aspects of people’s lives, nurses present an opportunity to share unique health care views into the ways people live.

Many only think of nurses in a traditional health care facility setting.  Informing people of the many ways nurses interact in people’s lives is an important service to the profession.

Tell Us What You Think

What are some of the most unusual locations or situations in which you have seen nurses working?  Share them here using the comments or leave a response link below.

We want to know!

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2 Responses to Share What Being a Nurse Means To You

  1. Drew Griffin says:

    The aforementioned article explained nursing in a general context and the various ‘options’ in the industry. It is obvious that there are many opportunities to practice in various settings including clinical and business among others.

    For those considering the field, I believe that one should investigate the possibilities and understand what it is that they are pursuing. It probably a good idea that everyone touch the clinical side and have a few years experience in various departments to get the ‘bigger picture’.

    I’ve been practicing for about 16 years and have had the fortune to practice in many different settings including Acute Care, Long Term Care, Agency, Case Management, and Wound Care. More recently my career as a Medical Blogger and Podcaster compliments my career as a Wound Care Specialist.

    I believe the years of varied experience has fortified my background and what I can give back to the patient’s as a whole. Treating the entire person is not as easy as it seems. Most of the time it is thank-less, but internally, very rewarding.

  2. podmedic says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts Drew. It’s great for the other readers to have the benefit of your experience.


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