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Nurses and Doctors Shut Out of Health Reform Talk

Australian Nurses Prescribers

Doctors vs. Midwives: Home Birth Adversaries?


Tip of the Week– Interview with Sue Cary of American Nephrology Nurses’ Association

ANNANurse.org website

Link to Nursing Show Article on Free ANNA CNE Resources

Nephrology Nursing Philosophy (from ANNA website)

“. . . the role of nephrology nursing is to assess the real or threatened impact of renal disease on the individual as well as to diagnose and treat his/her responses to this problem. Within this context, ANNA also believes in the commitment of nursing to assist each individual to achieve an optimum level of functioning, whether it be in preventing renal disease, arresting further dysfunction, or rehabilitating the individual throughout the life cycle. In order to achieve these goals, we believe that practitioners within the field of nephrology nursing should set forth high standards of patient care that are continually updated.

We believe that through the continued education of nurses in the field of nephrology, we can assure high quality patient care. We further believe that a sound educational program is necessary to develop, maintain, and augment competence in practice. Because research is essential for the advancement of nursing science, new concepts must be developed and tested to sustain the continued growth and maturation of nephrology nursing.

We believe in the team approach to patient care and embrace interdisciplinary communication and collaboration as being essential to the achievement of the highest attainable level of cost-effective, quality patient care. As members of the nephrology team, it is our duty to respond to issues affecting our practice in both private and public sectors.


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