Nurses, being professionals dedicated to service, provide health needs to the best of their ability. However, some nurses take their duties for granted and in turn, patients experience poor service and take that incident as a reflection of the overall quality of care that health providers can offer.

Reports and interviews conducted on a few individuals who had a not-so-good experience during hospitalization or when visiting a clinic seeking medical assistance, put health workers and the quality of healthcare in general in a bad light. It was just too bad that the nurse or physician who attended to them weren’t one of the many health professionals exerting effort to provide health services.

Though the interviewed individuals only represent a small fraction of the population, the report being publicized could affect how the majority perceives the quality of health care in general. Millions of nurses who provide utmost service that they can give can also be affected because of dismay from the feedback of a few people who unfortunately wasn’t given the amount of care that they were expecting.

A few bad practices should not overshadow the vast majority of good quality health care being provided. Though there may be in fact some who contribute to reflecting a bad reputation for health professionals, those who are prudent should continue to work hard and uphold the principles and values of nursing to further improve the quality of care and keep the trust of the public.

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