New technological advances are changing the face of nursing care. Nurses, on the other hand are becoming more technologically proficient when it comes to patient care.

One change that health care institutions are updating on is communication tools. According to research, one of the most significant barriers to care delivery is communication. At University Hospitals Case Medical Center in Cleveland, they resolved the problem by providing wireless badges. This technology enables them to call for assistance or answer pages with the use of a voice recognition button.

Another advancement is the deployment of patient flow systems. Instead of having to go through charts and other paperwork or verifying information from other staff, nurses are given improved visibility of both bed availability and patient status.

Since medication errors are also common,they now started implementing the use of bar-coded medication administration. The hand held device alerts the clinician if a medication is about to be administered improperly.

Such technology can be difficult to implement taking into consideration the financial strain that it would entail. Though there is no price for safe and quality patient care, the fact is that these projects do need monetary resources. Until then, nurses should do their best to deliver the highest quality of care that they can provide.

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