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Pets’ Positive Impact to Life

More Hospitals Restrict Young Visitors

Many Parents Can’t Interpret Growth Charts


Tip of The Week- Cardiac Medication Classes

Cardiovascular disease is prevalent in the United States. Every year, the number of cases of heart disease and stroke increases. Once a person had a heart attack, they will be prescribed with medications they will most likely take for the rest of their lives. Depending on the physician’s order, there are different types and combinations of cardiac medications.

Full effects of these medications are only taken advantage of when taken religiously so health professionals, nurses in particular, should be aware of the kinds and classifications of cardiac medications as well as its indications and adverse effects so they could educate the patient and make them understand the importance of adhering to the medication. Encouraging the patient to report symptoms of adverse reactions and overdosing should also be included in the teaching plan.

Cardiac Medications At-A-Glance by American Heart Association

National Heart Lung Blood Institute

Heart Disease and Antiarrhythmics


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