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Tip of The Week- Myocardial Infarction Care and Nursing Concerns

According to the American Heart Association, More than 1.5 million Americans suffer a myocardial infarction every year, and nearly half a million die, in addition, 63% of women and 48% of men who died suddenly of coronary artery disease had no previous symptoms.

About 50% of patients who suffer from MI wait at least two hours before seeking help. This delay may be crucial in the survival of the patient or the outcome if ever the patient survives. There are also instances where a silent MI occurs, or there is no pain or symptom felt by the patient, and this still damages the heart.

This is why it is vitally important that nurses educate patients to recognize the signs and symptoms of MI and seek medical care immediately. Patients who are at risk are advised to avoid major risk factors that contribute to the occurrence of an MI. For those who had a previous heart attack, they are encouraged to report changes in the quality or intensity of pain.

The use of sublingual nitroglycerin and cardiac rehabilitation for patients are also reinforced. After discharge, patients are informed about ways on how to avoid another episode of MI, which includes referral to a smoking cessation program; nutritional counseling to reduce dietary fat and sodium and achieve a desirable body weight; and recommendations to increase physical activity. Also included in patient education points are treatment of preexisting illnesses, and ways to manage stress and control anger.

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