One of my favorite new friends is Terri, a. k. a. “Mother Jones, RN,” a. k. a. the founder of the blog.  One of the most well known nurse bloggers and famous for her provocative headlines, Terri is also an advocate for nurses, students, and good patients care.

On the side, she has one wicked dry sense of humor, too!

Check out this video segment from Blogworld Expo last week. She and Doctor Anonymous try to out-joke each other.  I’m not sure who wins – other than those of us watching.



I have to agree with Terri at the end of the video.  We want to see all of you at next year’s Blogworld.  Let’s change the way the world looks at their medical information and health care by instituting change on blog at a time. C’mon nurse bloggers, it’s up to you!

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