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Arguments on Safety, Risks of Home Births

Communication Problems Cause Physical Strain

Compressions-Only CPR, Key to Survival of Cardiac Arrest in EMS Setting


Tip of The Week- Toxic Gases Interview with Lisa Booze of the Maryland Poison Center

Some substances when mixed together can emit gases or fumes that can be dangerous to one’s health.When inhaled, these poisonous gases can affect the respiratory and nervous system. In some cases, gases are colorless and odorless, and symptoms will manifest only after it has already entered the body.

It can come from improper storage or improper use of the substance. These chemicals can be household cleaners or materials that can easily be bought so it is important that users check the label for storage and usage instructions.

In this toxicology episode with Lisa Booze, she provides a discussion on toxic gases as well as what to do in case of poisonous gas inhalation.

List of Poisonous Gases

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning


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