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Tip of The Week- Nutritional Considerations and Nursing Interventions

Apart from medical interventions, dietary adjustments relative to patient conditions is also an important thing to consider. Adherence to the changes in diet is important for the full recovery of the patient and also works as adjuncts to pharmacologic regimen so it is important for nurses to be able to fully explain the purpose of the special diet to gain the patient’s cooperation.

Some of the most common kinds of diet include:

  • Liquid diet (clear liquid diet, full liquid diet, advanced full liquid diet)
  • Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy Cold Liquid Diet
  • Soft Diet, Mechanical/Dental Soft Diet
  • Bland Diet
  • Sodium Restricted Diet
  • High Fiber and Low Residue Diet
  • Low-Calorie and High Calorie Diet
  • High and Low Fat Diet

The nurse also has a critical role in the nutritional health of the patient. It is important to make observations related to consumption of food and the patient’s ability to prepare and eat food and to monitor and teach good dietary habits. Some of the prescribed special diets may not be that palatable and sudden shifts from the patient’s accustomed food preferences make adherence difficult. Also the patient’s state of illness affects the patient’s ability and appetite to eat. Nurses should take these factors into consideration and perform interventions before, during and after providing meals in order to optimize the patient’s nutritional needs.

Sample Hospital Dietary Formulary (pdf)

Enteral Nutrition PPT File from University of South Carolina (PPT file)


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