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Nurse Delivered to Ohio Hospitals’ Last Baby

Students Call Nursing School Policy Barring Tattoos Unfair

FDA Plans to Fight Avoidable Injuries From Medication Errors or Misuse

Tattoos Create Issues For Nursing Schools and Students


Tip of The Week- Anti Coagulant Labs

Persons at risk for blood-clot formation or has poor blood flow to the brain are recommended to take anticoagulants. Anticoagulants slow blood clotting, preventing complications like blood clots forming on artificial valves, valve obstruction and blood clots traveling to the brain and causing stroke.

A common complication for this type of medication is bleeding so nurses should continuously asses the patient in anticoagulant therapy for signs of bleeding. Hematologic tests are also done from time to time to monitor for the body’s response to the prescribed medication as well as to make sure that the drug levels in the blood does not exceed its therapeutic level.

Patient education points should be focused on the promotion of safety to prevent injury that causes bleeding like the use of soft-bristled tooth brush, padding furniture or corners with sharp edges, using electric razors to lessen the risk of cuts and more.

ASCLS Hematologic Tests

Blood Thinners by Medline Plus

Anticoagulation by American Heart Association

Joint Commission Safety Requirement for Anticoagulants


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