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Tip of The Week- Neurologic Assessment for Nurses

Part of the overall physical assessment done by nurses is the neurological evaluation. Prior to performing the examination, patients are first asked if they have a history of seizures, loss of consciousness, loss or decreased sensation (especially to pain), twitches , tremors and changes in personality or mental status.

A complete neurologic exam covers assessment of the cranial nerve function, motor system, reflexes, sensation, and mental status. This process may take a little more time as compared to the usual head to toe assessment and nurses might go for a quick approach to doing it, however, they should always be thorough in performing any assessment and keep in mind that more is missed by not looking than by not knowing.

For a better understanding on neurologic assessment, follow these links

Physical Assessment- Neurological System

Neurological Examination Video

Nursing Care for Neurological Patients


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