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Critical Nursing Scarcity Looming

School Nurse and Police Officer Saves Kid With Undiagnosed Heart Condition

Home Care Patients Worry Over Possible Cuts


Tip of The Week- Code Management and CPR leadership

There are different nursing responsibilities when it comes to attending to cases of cardiac arrest depending on what role the nurse is playing in the team. Since a cardiac arrest is an event that requires immediate interventions and time is of the essence in determining the patient’s recovery, institutions appoint cardiac arrest teams. This team is a group of physicians and nurses trained in ACLS. Each member of the team has a designated role when responding to a code.

Algorithms or a chart of intervention and assessment cycles are followed depending on institution protocols. All members of the response team should have presence of mind and are well coordinated with each other. It is also important that the leader of the arrest team keep track of what is happening make sure that everything is smooth-running and organized.

Your Role in a Code Blue

American Heart Association, Management of Cardiac Arrest

ACLS Algorithms, Simulators and Quizzes from ACLS.net

ECG Reading for Nurses part 1

ECG Reading for Nurses part 2


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