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Tip of The Week- Street Drug Contaminants with Lisa Booze of Maryland Poison Center

Nurses see patients coming in from drug abuse from time to time. Through nursing assessment and knowledge on common substances abused, nurses can tell what the patient may have taken. However, what most health care providers do not know is that street drugs are not always pure. Other substances are added to these street drugs to extend their effects, dilute the drug or for whatever reason the dealer may have.

Specific chemicals or medications added to the drugs are difficult to identify eve by the user because it may or may not change the appearance or the taste. If patients are exhibiting signs and symptoms that do not correspond with the reported drug that was used, it is advisable to contact the local poison center  so they could help identify the added substance and provide measures to reverse the effects of the drug.

DrugScope on How Pure are Street Drugs?

Office of National Drug Control Policy: Street Terms

Commonly Abused Drugs by National Institute of Drug Abuse


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3 Responses to Street Drug Contaminants Review for Nurses and Episode 114

  1. Stephen Bernier says:

    New listener and new nurse. Love your show it is very informative and reiterates good sound fundamentals of nursing. Keep up the great work!

  2. Jamie Davis says:

    Thanks for the comment Stephen. It’s great to hear from you. Keep in touch and let me know if you’d like to hear a specific tip covered.

    Stay safe!

    Jamie Davis, the Podmedic

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