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Tip of The Week-Review of Upper Respiratory Tract Infections

The upper respiratory tract consist of respiratory organs from the trachea moving up which includes the larynx, throat, nose and the mouth and infection of of the upper respiratory tract is referred to as “colds”.

The common cold is usually a viral infection with symptoms including nasal congestion, runny nose, low-grade fever and cough which is usually dry. Coughing with secretions in an upper respiratory infection may be the result of post-nasal drip which is nasal secretion that have dripped to the back of the throat.

Acute sinusitis may be a resulting symptom of upper respiratory infections. the opening air-filled spaces in the skull become blocked with mucus which makes bacteria grow more easily.

On the other hand, lymph nodes like the tonsils can be overwhelmed by the ongoing infection and become inflamed, thus, resulting to tonsillitis.

Since the common cold is a viral infection, treatment modalities are directed at relieving the symptoms. In children, low-grade fever should not be treated with aspirin because of its association with Reye Syndrome.

Nursing care includes increasing fluids to moisten mucus membranes and facilitate secretion of mucus, administration of prescribed medications for symptoms and promotion of rest and comfort.

Upper Respiratory Infections by eMedicine

Sinusitis by NIH Medline

Tonsillitis by NIH Medline


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