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Tip of The Week- Atrial Flutter

Atrial flutter is a rhythm disorder involving a rapid heart rate, in which the upper heart chambers (atria) are stimulated to contract in a very disorganized and abnormal manner. Though atrial flutter is somewhat similar with atrial fibrillation, the underlying mechanism of atrial flutter makes it amenable to cure this arrhythmia with percutaneous catheter-based techniques

In atrial fibrillation, the atria are stimulated to contract very quickly and differently from the normal pattern. The impulses are sent to the ventricles in an irregular pattern. This makes the ventricles beat abnormally, leading to an irregular (and usually fast) pulse.

In atrial flutter, the ventricles may beat very fast, but in a regular pattern.

Causes of atrial flutter include cardiac issues like RHD, CHD, left ventricular dysfunction and postcardiac surgery. Other disorders like thyroid disease, obesity, pulmonary disease and PE have been associated with atrial fibrillation and flutter.

For nurses and nursing students who want to know more about atrial flutter, follow the resource links provided below.

NIH Medline on Atrial Fibrillation/Flutter

National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute

WedMD: Atrial Flutter


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