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Tip of The Week-  Psychological Assessment Review

Psychological assessment is basically gathering information or testing a person to evaluate a mental health complaint. It explores the patient’s personal history including the presenting problem, when it started, medical and psychological history, substance abuse, mental status evaluation, and more. In assessing behavioral or psychological patients, nurses should keep in mind the communication techniques for these types of patients watch out for defense mechanisms displayed by the person interviewed and be able to get through those barriers for a more effective assessment.

To get the most out of the interview, nurses should start with open ended questions and proceed with leading questions focusing on the patient’s feelings. Since the mental and emotional stability of the patient can not be ensured, it is best to conduct the assessment process in a safe environment such as the nurse will not be in a cornered area and the objects that can pose physical threat are not within the patient’s reach.

For more tips and interview techniques for psychological patients, nurses and nursing students can follow the links below.

History and Mental Status Examination

Defense Barriers to Communication

Psychological Assessment


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