This is a great article about a nurse who uses humor to help people fell better and help them get better. She’s funny, there’s a quote here from people in her oncology job, she works at a cancer center and they said she’s funny and a lot of fun to work with but she does appreciate the seriousness of their job. But you know what? Laughter is good medicine. I’m sorry but if I couldn’t laugh, I don’t know what I’d do, I’d get crazy. I try to be a little funny here on the show sometimes, I try to keep things light, I try to put forward an idea that you guys should, you all should be good at what you do but you all should enjoy what you do and you should be proud of what you do and you should have fun with your co-workers when it’s appropriate and you should also share humor and good times with your patients and I think that it just goes to a long way.

I think that there’s nothing wrong with an appropriate bit of humor with your patients. If something happens that warrants you to laugh, laugh about it, let your patient’s know its okay to laugh. You know, share with them a sense of humor about situations in life that are going on around them all the time. Yes, there might be serious situations with their medications or with their health situation but life still goes on and things still happen around us that we can smile about. Whether its kids being cute and doing something funny, if you’re not sure about how to approach this, ask the patient about their family or their children or what makes them laugh, ask them about their favorite funny TV show, let them describe it to you, get them talking about it and let them laugh with you. Let them tell you their favorite joke. This is something that you don’t have to be the funny person all time, some people are good at that, some people aren’t but you can always ask somebody to share with you something that makes them laugh and help them to remember that thing that makes them laugh because it will help them feel better.

Laughter does release all kind of good chemicals into our system and it help us release tension and all of that helps us heal and that’s what we’re about, we’re about helping people heal, helping people be healthy and helping them enjoy life and that’s what nurses do. So let’s do it with a smile on our face and let’s do it and help our patients have a smile on their faces as well. Kudos to the nurse in this particular article and I urge you to read this article and maybe print it out and share it with your co-workers, let them know about maybe we should do more to help people smile and get through their days.


This article has been featured in the news segment of the Nursing Show episode Antihypertensive Medication Review for Nurses Part 2 and Episode 150


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