Time now to jump on into this week’s news and I’ll be checking out on the monitor over here in just a sec but I want to start off with a great news story I picked up out of the Baltimore region near where I live and it is from a local hospital that had a patient coming in for cardiac catheterization, critical care unit patient that was scheduled to attend his weeding. A veteran of the US Air Force and preparing to get ready to have his wedding at the Annapolis Yacht Club when he was rushed to the hospital a few days before for some cardiac complications and ended up having a cardiac catheterization. He was still in the critical care unit at the hospital when the day for his wedding rolled around. So you know, nurses, being who we are, we figured out that there was a way to meet this patient’s unique needs in this special situation and try to help them maintain some life normalcy. In this case, something very unnormal, I guess, a wedding. So they actually had the wedding at the hospital in the lobby. 40 members of the friends and family that were originally invited to the larger wedding were there in attendance and they were able to exchange vows while he was sitting there attached to his heart monitor with his nurses round him.

Now I know there are a lot of other people associated with this particular situation form the hospital staff and of course the hospital PR people have let on this as a great way to promote the hospital but I think the most important thing here is just to recognize that many time, the most powerful interventions that we as nurses provide for our patients are those interventions that are deceptively simple and non-medical in nature because we are helping these patients have some level of life normalcy through the course of their illness, surgery, recovery, whatever the case may be, by providing them access to things as simple as helping them to remember to plug in their phone so that they can remain connected with loved ones while in the hospital stay. Just simple, little things that help these patients remain connected with their lives outside of our facilities. As these simple interventions that nurses perform every single day that I think lives at the core of what nursing care is and this is just a big, broad, explosion of one of those interventions with a huge event like a wedding but it can be many little simpler things that occur and so kudos to these nurses for being able to put something like this together and coordinate something special for one of their patients when it was available to do so and I would just remind you to take a few moments every day, think about each of your patients and try to think of some way even a small way that you can help them maintain connection with their life outside of your facility. So I just want to congratulate these nurses, this is Anne Arundel Medical Center’s critical care nurses and staff and of course the hospital staff in general for coming up with a great way to keep this patient’s spirits up and the patient themselves uplifted for something as important as their wedding day.


This article has been featured in the news segment of the Nursing Show podcast episode CBC Labs Nursing Review and Episode 155.

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