The Australian Nursing Federation talks about the prescription drug abuse of opioids, patients that are taking pain medications when they really don’t need it because of an addiction issue, an abuse of prescription pain medications is a problem all over the world here in the United States as well and certainly according to this article in Australia. There needs to be a way to deal with that and one of the things that electronic patient records would help with is that if everyone had a centralized way to manage patient records, you couldn’t go from hospital to hospital to hospital getting different prescriptioins filled for the same medication so that you can have additional drugs for you drug fix. Same thing is true for pharmacies when filling prescriptions, you can look up and see “hey, wait a minute. Didn’t you fill a prescription for Dilotid yesterday?” That’s something that electronic patient records can provide assistance with so we just got done talking about electronic patient records in a  previous news item here on the show, now you can see one of the ways that electronic patient records could be more effective in helping to manage our patients and treat them.

This is a treatable problem but we need to identify it and then we need to make it a situation where we can identify who these people are and not kick them out of the insurance plan, which is what some people’s fears are associated with electronic patient records, but that we can use this as a way to provide necessary medical treatment for things like addiction and that’s just one of the ways electronic patient records can help and let’s point it out by this article and information release from the Australian nursing federation. I urge you to check out the link for this article in the shownotes as well.


This article has been featured in the news segment of the Nursing Show podcast episode Antipsychotic Medication Review and Episode 156

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