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Lap Band Advised for Less Obese Patients

Female Veterans Likely to Commit Suicide

NY Boost Organ Donation by 2-team Approach


This Week- Care of Abdominal Surgery Patients

Obesity has been a rising problem not only in the US but all over the world. While there are medications out there that aim at weight reduction, there are also surgical procedures that are aimed for long-term weight reduction, however, after the surgery the patient will have to adjust their dietary and lifestyle changes that is warranted to support the desired outcome of the surgery.

In surgery, the abdomen is the common site of incision not only for gastrointestinal problems but also for other disorders affecting the other organs within the abdominal cavity. In this episode, nurses and nursing students will know the different nursing considerations and responsibilities in the care of post abdominal surgery patients, possible complications to watch out for and interventions to prevent those complications to arise.

They will also be provided a review on the common procedures that involve abdominal surgeries for their own knowledge, for patient education and also for them to know the individual nursing responsibilities post op and pre op specific to the procedure. To know more about abdominal surgery care, follow the links below.

Nursing Care of the Morbidly Obese

AJCC on Post Op Care of Gastric Bypass Patients

Nursing Fundamentals: Care of Post Op Patients



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