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Online Continuing Nursing Ed Offered at Community College

Terms of Confusion

Mortality rate Decreased at Stroke Centers


Tip This Week- Stroke Prevention and Awareness

The best way to manage a disease is to prevent it. The same thing goes with stroke. One way to do it is living a healthy lifestyle through proper diet, exercise. For patients who are highly predisposed to stroke, it is important that they set up attainable goals that will help them modify their lifestyle, make that a habit and make that habit permanent. Proper management of non-modifiable factors for stroke like  will also decrease an individual’s chances of having a stroke since the disease will be well under control and prevent it to progressing at a further advanced stage as in a stroke.

Overall, educating the public and making them aware of the pathophysiology of stroke, the causes, risk factors and what happens after a stroke will make them more conscious of their family’s health practices and their own.

For more information on stroke prevention, follow the links provided below

Guidelines for Primary Stroke Prevention

NIH Stroke Resources for Health Workers

AHA Stroke Resources



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Arrivals and Departures - Phil Ayoub

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