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Medical Home Guidelines Protect Physician Turf

Higher Death Rates for Trauma Patients Several Years After Injury

NLN Living Document Endorses Academic Progression Options for All Nurses


Tip This Week- CNS Stimulants

CNS stimulants are among the line of drugs that are most commonly prescribed for children aged 6 to 19.

A dramatic increase in the use of stimulants occurred in the 1950s associated with the development of other psychotropic medications, including antipsychotics and antidepressants. Although stimulant medication is commonly used for intellectually normal children with ADHD, stimulant use in children with cognitive deficits has emerged over the last decade as well-designed studies demonstrating efficacy have been published.

The side effects of stimulant medication include appetite suppression with possible weight loss, which, when excessive, can decrease height growth. The cardiovascular system is also stimulated, including heart rate and blood pressure. Children on stimulant medication should be seen by their physicians at least every four to six months to monitor height, weight, and cardiovascular parameters.

Follow the links below for more in depth information on CNS Stimulants

FDA Safety Changes for CNS Stimulants

Dextroamphetamine and Amphetamine



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Song this week: Strawberry Soda by Samuel Ventura

Samuel Ventura - Beautiful Tragedy - Strawberry Soda

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