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This Week- Interview with Rob Fraser

This week’s episode is an interview segment with Rob Fraser, author of the book The Nurses’ Social Media Advantage which looks at how nurses can use social media, get involved with the types of social media and a view of social media from the nursing professional’s stand point.

As the podmedic and nurse Rob talk about the book, they touch on the features in store for the readers such as each chapter having exercises and things that nurses can use in their specific practice. Rob also shares the different things, challenges and surprising discoveries about social media as he was in the process of creating the contents for his book, his message to those in the nursing profession who are still hesitant to use social media as part of the communication aspect in patient care, lessons learned in writing this book, and resources on where the book can be found and availed.

The Nurse’s Social Media Advantage


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Carrie Cunningham - Honeysweet - The Single Life

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