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This Week- Types of Nursing Documentation

Nursing documentation is a form of communication between nurses involved in the care of a patient. Through nursing documentation, nurses can go through what has and has not been done to the patient before their shift. Apart from that, documentation is also serves as a legal document which reflects the care that has been given to a patient.

In this episode of the Nursing Show, listen in and learn about the different types of documentation, which type is appropriate for which situation, and tips on how to do proper documentation.

Nursing Documentation Template

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One Response to Nursing Documentation Types and Episode 182

  1. Linette-- Westminster--- LPN Home Care/ LTC says:

    First time, listening to your Nursing podcast. Enjoyable and also informative. Sometimes we loose touch of what things we have learned in the past and we need to review/refresh our minds. I will be listening to you more often for those great podcasts. Every nurse should continue with their education and not to be in a rut with the nursing field. I have written a list of the pods I want to refresh myself on. Some of them are not in the field that I am in at this time. Thanks Jamie

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