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FDA Approves HIV Pill Complera

Positive Impact of Public Awareness Highlighted in Child Obesity Journal

Demise of the Nurses’ Cap


Tip This Week- Discussion on Katrina Lawsuit & Hospital Preparedness, part 3

This week’s show continues the discussion on the Katrina Hospital Lawsuit Settlement with the hosts of the  Mitigation Journal  Rick Russotti and Matt Comer. Does this settlement raise a risk of an impossible standard for preparedness for our hospitals and community health facilities? Matt and Rick join Nursing Show host Jamie Davis as they shift the conversation into a broader look at preparedness beyond the Katrina incidents and aftermath.

What is your preparedness level and how well do you know how your facility’s response plan? This is one of the lessons to be learned by the individual nurse out there. A lot of difficult decisions about patient care have to be made during any extreme disaster event. Holding a normal standard of care against care givers when resources are severely compromised or reduced is impractical at best and ridiculous at worst.  Listen to this week’s discussion and you can also catch last week’s discussion as part 2 of our Discussion on Katrina Hospital Lawsuit Settlement and the previous week’s part 1.

Strained by Katrina, a Hospital Faced Deadly Choices – NYTimes.com



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