There’s an article here that I found at the Mail and Guardian Online and this is coming out of Africa– I think out of South Africa. The reason I brought this article up because it really points out some things that we take for granted here in the US and perhaps some other developed nations that nursing is the same all over the world.  You know here in Australia, there might be some minor differences in the UK but a nurse is a nurse and a nurse.  We all look back at the same roots of nursing when we look at nursing care but that doesn’t mean that nurses have the same advantages everywhere or have made the same advances and respect and in the way that they are treated by other members of the healthcare professions.

That just goes to show this article saying Nursing Scarred by Negligence.  It looks at the different ways that nurses are treated in this article talking about how the nurse was given instructions but then didn’t hear the instructions and didn’t do things properly.  When the nurse went to ask the physician for assistance, they were degraded and put down. Sometimes, the culture of change needs to happen.  Just because it may have happened to some extent or others here in the United States and other places doesn’t mean that that kind of mutual respect is always the case everywhere.  Certainly, it’s not always the case here either but there are certainly better standards than what you read about in this article.  I would urge you to check it out.  Sometimes I think we need to step back and look at what nurses in other places are dealing with and some of the challenges that they are dealing with and see what we can do to make ourselves aware of some of the challenges and things that nurses around the world face in other settings than what we might be used here in the US or in other parts of the world listening to the show.  I just wanted to point that out.  I thought it was interesting and I would just urge you to keep in touch and if you find another article like this, share it with me so I can share it with the listeners and viewers here in the Nursing Show because that’s certainly what it’s all about.  It’s the community effort we have here to make sure that the information gets out to the rest of the Nursing Show community.


This article has been featured in the news segment of the Nursing Show podcast episode Nursing Care Challenge Interview with Rob Fraser and Episode 199.

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