First article on the news this week came up as members of the Occupy wherever movement fill in your city here, right?  They are all over the place.  There are a lot of things that go along with that.  Of course many cities are trying to break up some of these demonstrations or limit their access and timeframe just from public safety standpoints but in the meantime there are lots of people gathering and want to share their thoughts or maybe their displeasure and whatever they have to say with the leaders in both financial and the government sectors.

Interestingly enough from Portland, Maine, members of the Maine State Nurses Association visited the Occupy Maine’s Portland site and work together to get a medical aid tent set-up and handing out blankets, warm clothes and basic first aid kits to the protesters just to make sure they had the resources they need to stay healthy. It was pointed out by some of the nurses that it is flu season and they want to make sure that people are doing what they can do to stay healthy and stay warm and dry in the current time of the year.  You know it’s just crazy weather.

Certainly, we want to keep in mind that nurses are everywhere.  It’s not just our traditional roles that really have an impact all the time. Sometimes it’s some of the other ancillary things that we do on the side either as volunteers or as part of an outreach like this one to provide resources to a group of people that need it for whatever reason. In this situation, these protesters have something to say and share and the nurses in Portland decided that this was something they needed to make sure that they were healthy and well taken care of so that they can have it here and have their voices heard.  I applaud that.  I think supporting that kind of resource and providing those resources to people in your community is one of the things nursing is about not just providing care in the hospital or in a more traditional setting.  Good job on that.  We consider continuing to look at some of the things that nurses do to volunteer in the coming months here on the Nursing Show.


This article has been featured in the news segment of the Nursing Show podcast episode Nursing Care Challenge Interview with Rob Fraser and Episode 199.

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