Nurse practitioners have already been looked at as an alternative resource for primary care in the increasing demand of care and lack of providers. However, even with the presence of nurse practitioners, the workforce is still not enough to cater to the public in need of primary care. Also, registered nurses, even if they wanted to, may be hesitant to take advanced education due to certain factors such as time constraints and cost of education.

In a news article that I came across with, Herzing University Online now offers an MSN degree focusing on family nursing practice which is available in 27 states in the US. Through this program, licensed nurses are given the opportunity to be able to take advanced courses without the hassle of attending classes in campus and in a flexible schedule that they can adjust according to their availability.

These types of programs encourage registered nurses to expand possibilities in their careers while augmenting the available resources in primary care. Advanced courses that can be taken online have already been in existence for some time now and it is great to see that they have already expanded to Family Nursing Practice. According to the article, graduates of this program can practice in family medicine, gynecology, urgent care, pediatrics, internal medicine, obstetrics, cardiology, and other medical fields. This new option for continuing education not only gives nurses the chance to advance their careers but also addresses the growing need for primary care  especially in depressed areas where such services are not readily available.


Original article from, How To Become A Family Nurse Practitioner Online

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