Finally in this week’s show, a story about practicing what we need to practice for things like mass casualty incidents and drills. What are we going to do when big things need to get taken care of rapidly with regards to healthcare.

This article is looking at the University of Louisville and they’re holding a mass immunization drill using student nurses and student volunteers. It’s a pretty interesting article. They came up with a novel way that they’re doing this.

Emergency Immunization Practice

The organizers are hoping to pretend to immunize 1000 students of the University of Louisville. Instead of giving the shots, they’re going to be giving them popsicles. Instead of bandages for the immunization site, after they get their popsicles, they’re going to be handed a napkin. This is all going to be part of addressing how they can manage this number of patients in a short timeframe.

There will be a light history screening and they’re going to be looking at whether the patients require sugar-free Popsicles if they’re diabetics. The school received a federal grant to set up this project as a way to look at the true logistics required for such a large healthcare venture.

Students Get “Real” Public Health

I think it’s a pretty interesting way to practice something like this. Once again, someone is thinking outside the box which is so important in managing how we handle healthcare situations. These public health situations¬† are no different.

I hope that you will take a look at this article and think about how you can do something like this. Is there a way you can practice this type of mass immunization and work on handling large groups of patients. You can learn where the holes in the coverage are and get better at doing that kind of care. I always look forward to hearing from you so email me at What do you think about this or any of the news articles. Let me know about other news items by sending me links to news articles that you find interesting.


This news item from the most recent episode of the Nursing Show here – Anti-Hypertensive Medications part 2 and Episode 204


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