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Mobile health with smart phones, hurricane nurses, pregnancy flu and autism, plus we’ll take a look at antihypertensive medications this week. If that’s what you’re looking for, you found it. It’s the Nursing Show.

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Welcome to the Show

Good day and welcome to this episode of the Nursing Show. I’m your host Jamie Davis and I’d like to welcome all of you to this week’s program. We have a great show coming up for you this week including a look at some of the nursing response to Hurricane Sandy and the accounts of some of the evacuation that happened. All that coming up in the news items and after that we’re also going to take a look at part one of our review of antihypertensive medications, so stay tuned for that later on in this episode.

If you want to follow up on any of the information from this episode, I urge you to do so. You can find links to everything we talk about the news items, links to additional resources having do with the tip of the week, and more. All that is available for you over at the Nursing Show website. You can find that at

If you want to get back in touch with me, I welcome you to do that as well. Please do so. I love to hear from the audience and I do respond back to every single e-mail that comes in so keep them coming. Send those e-mails in here to I look forward to hearing from you. Without too much further ado, we’re going to get ready to get into this week’s news.


More Smartphones Accessing Health Apps

Hurricane Nurses to the Rescue

Pregnancy, Flu and Autism Risk


Tip of the Week – Hypertension Medication Review Part 1

Coming up next in this episode is a look at antihypertensive medications. This will be part one of two segments. Over the next two weeks we’ll look at this broad class of medications and some of the important considerations to keep in mind when educating patients about their use, side effects, and precautions. Without too much further ado let’s get into looking at antihypertensive medications.

Tip Links

Hypertension Links:

NIH Medline Plus on Hypertension

NIH Blood Pressure Medications


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Wrap Up

Time to wrap up this week’s episode of the Nursing Show. I want to thank all of you for checking out program this week and remind you to head over to to check out all of the additional resources and information including the news items and the links from the tip of the week. They are all available for you over there. There’s a show notes link right at the top of the page and you can get through that to find all the episodes we ever produced.

If you want to get back in touch with me I look forward to hearing from you. Send those e-mails in to us here at I love to hear from you and I do respond back to every e-mail that comes in. If you have a question or comment or I need to make a correction, contact me here. This is a community effort and I welcome you to do that.

Of course part of that community effort is being active in associating with me on social media sites like Twitter or Facebook and I hope you do so. If you are active on those sites please look me up. You can find me under the handle Podmedic in most of those locations. Find me at and These are all great ways to catch up with me.

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