Mobile health gadgets are the center of the coolest innovations in health care right now. The AliveCor Heart Monitor is just one of the coolest out there. It’s an iPhone case available for just $199 that will take a single lead ecg just by holding the phone in both hands. Yep, just hand a patient your phone, have them hold it so the electrodes on the back of the case detect a signal from the limbs and wait while it records a strip. That’s it.

AliveCor App Records Heart Rhythms

12Lead_smThe phone case monitor wirelessly transmits the data to a companion app on the iPhone that stores the strips as pdf files and will allow notations on the strips and even the ability to print the strip out when needed. A veterinary product has been available for about a year and now the FDA has given clearance to move forward to this iPhone ECG case. The case has its own button battery power supply that according to the company website, allows for 12,000 30 second ECGs.

I don’t know about you but this is just another exciting step towards that single device, Star Trek like medical tricorder that we’ll all carry around that will do simple patient assessment using attachments and technology like this. Think about it. You walk into a patient’s room, hand them a device that takes an ECG strip while simultaneously measuring vital signs for you. All the while, you continue your physical assessment and history taking and the mobile device records all your spoken findings into the medical record. Your charting is done automatically and all you have to do is review it and sign off, giving you a lot more time to provide real nursing care to help make the patient more comfortable and heal faster.

There are plans for a consumer version that would be prescribed to patients to monitor themselves and then automatically transmit the readings to home health care. You can check this out for yourself at The product is currently available for the iPhone version 4 and 4-S, will begin shipping sometime this month and they are taking orders now.


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