Wrapping up this week’s news items is a look at reducing complications for post-surgical patients. For peri-operative nurses, this is a lot of what you do. Researchers at the University of Connecticut Health Center did a study to try to define exactly what reduces complications and found that it what the simple things that made the biggest difference.

Reducing Peri-Operative Complications

Nurse_clipboard_brunetteSimple things? You mean like basic nursing interventions and techniques? Well of course! I know that all of you knew that already but remember, that conventional wisdom does not equal good research. Top on the list of simple interventions are team communication and training, and simple checklists. All of these are very cost effective and relatively easy to implement.

When surgical teams had no communications and team training and didn’t use a checklist, post surgical complications occurred in 23 percent of the procedures. This is compared to those teams that instituted the additional training and checklists who had an 8.2 percent complication rate after 30 days. This shows that simple, small steps that are very cost effective to implement are important parts of basic patient care before, during and after a surgical procedure. Lowering post operative complications like post-op infections is important for many reasons above and beyond the patient outcome benefits.

Complications and Hospital Billing

These hospital based problems will not be compensated by Medicare moving forward costing hospital thousands of dollars per patient complication incident. I think this financial incentive from the feds will work and this study contradicts the arguments from the hospitals that say they can’t control patient care complications since clearly, they can, and inexpensively, too. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this news item and all of the items in this week’s news. Leave a comment on the show notes page at NursingShow.com or shoot me an email with your thoughts to NursingShow@gmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you.


Check out this news item link and all of the other additional resource links for this episode of the Nursing Show in the show notes for this episode — Hypothyroidism Nursing Review and Episode 227.


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