Two Washington State University nursing students, Cody Nappan and Jihye Johnson, needed to complete their public health clinical assignment with a project. But what should they choose to address?

Students See Dangers of Household Mold

Nurses_In_NewsThey decided to address the public health issues associated with living with household black mold and dealing with its safe removal. Nurses have long been involved in public health and wellness outreach, as we all know, and it’s heartening to see that tradition being carried forward in our nursing students and schools.

The two Washington student nurses had several aspects to their program, including resident awareness and education as well as helping to identify chronic health problems associated with black mold. One 15-year-old had been living with asthma most of his life and never associated it with the mold he had always seen in his family’s bathroom.

Public Health Brochure on Mold

The students assembled a brochure called “Household Mold: How it’s impacting your health and why you should care.” In order to build and maintain awareness of the problem, the brochure will be mailed to Spokane Indian Housing Authority residents every six months. The brochures include information on identifying mold, hazards associated with household mold and tips on removal and mitigation of its return.

Mold is particularly a problem in areas with frequent rain and damp conditions although it can occur in damp areas of any home. The students graduated soon after implementing their program last fall and are already talking about continuing in their nursing education pathways. Kudos, folks!

What’s Happening in Nursing School?

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