Finally in the news, an article that speaks something about the nursing caregivers that were at the center of the devastation that occurred when the Boston Marathon bombings happened. Not only should we hear the stories of the nurses at the scene of the incident, working in the medical tents, but also those nurses working in all of the facilities that received patients, the hundreds of patients, that arrived and needed to be treated.

Nurses and Hospitals Respond in High Gear

Nurse-chart-student-writing-smI found an article at times it tells some of the stories of the nurses in Boston hospitals that don’t with the aftermath of the bloody marathon bombing. Now a couple of weeks later, these nurses are haunted by some of the things they saw and dealt with during that event. But they did what they were supposed to do. They took care of their patients and also dealt with helping the survivors, other responders and nurses that had to deal with this event.

One nurse in the article recounted the terrified patients. Saying that they were screaming and crying and that the nurses and other staff members had to work hard to keep back their own fears and concerns while they treated these patients. An ICU nurse told the story of bomb investigators wanting to look at wounds and asking wounds not to be cleaned immediately because there might be evidence inside the wound.

Nurse Heroism and Perseverance

All in all, this article has some heroic stories to share and I urge you to read the whole article and hear all of the stories told there. I also ask you to keep in mind the nurses that are caring for the suspect in that bombing, and how difficult it must be to maintain their caring nursing approach to the patient at the same time they think about his alleged crimes. So I would like to offer, on behalf of the entire Nursing Show community, my heartfelt thoughts and prayers for all of the caregivers that have seen the patients from this horrific attack through their challenging trials and the many trials of recovery they have yet to come.

Please be safe and be strong!


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